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When you have a wedding, most of the brides are very conscious in choosing a right makeup artist to wear the attractive wedding makeup. Most of you are just focusing on the skills and experience of the makeup artist for your wedding day. But you should also know some of the important things while doing a wedding makeup.

What you need to know when doing wedding makeup

Things to do while doing wedding makeup:

The following are important things every bride needs to know when the makeup artist is doing special makeup for your wedding.

Schedule a trail makeup – The brides who are ready for getting the wedding makeup always need to schedule a trail makeup to check whether it is suitable for your wedding day. You should ask your wedding makeup artist to give a trail makeup before booking him/her to do makeup for your wedding event.

Don’t be cheap – Some of the brides are looking for the cheap wedding makeup. According to the sayings of the expert makeup artist, it is always good going for the affordable or expensive bridal makeup. When you are going to the cheap makeup, it will not actually give a bright look on your wedding day.

Identify what to look for – Before fixing a particular type of makeup for your wedding, first you need to make an initial consultation with your makeup artist in order to make the best deal. You can go for the popular hair stylist and makeup professional to get the creative wedding makeup.

Don’t hire hairdresser for doing makeup – Hair dresser is a professional to take care of your hair only. For getting the pretty and attractive face on your wedding day, it is essential to hire a special makeup artist who is skilled and highly experienced to give a very nice face makeup for your marriage event.

Be nice – It is actually the known fact that your marriage day might be the most stressful moment of the life. Due to the wedding stress, you don’t make any mistake in choosing a right makeup professional to expose your beautiful and nice look to celebrate the day.

Prepare your skin before – For wearing the wedding day makeup, every bride should need to prepare your skin a few months/weeks before. You must have a little skin vestment in advance before your wedding day. It helps to nourish your skin, thus your wedding makeup will be good to look.


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In 2006, the simple style, the stone embellished, the off shoulder, the traditional innovation or the 3d design are all the hottest bridal styles.

The cute - short

Short wedding dress

This is a new style for a simplicity and youthful beauty. Designers have made this short dress style more magnificent and attractive while being so cute with the highest material quality and many different dress forms.

The sexy off-shoulder


Wedding dress off-shoulderIf you have a flawless, smooth and slender shoulder, needless to say, this style is perfect for you. This style will bring out the elegant and gracefulness while being so sexy at the same time.

The layers

Wedding dress with layers

In 2016, the layers style has grown to become among the top favorites. It contains a simpler inner dress with a see-through outer layer. This define more of the bride personality while still bring out her elegant and softness.


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Many brides nowadays wish to do their wedding makeup on their own. They have a specialization in different makeup accessories and tools. They have tried so many makeup items and enhanced their expertise in this art.

Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup

You may like to get the best wedding make-up on your own. You have to identify how to use proper makeup accessories efficiently. Listen to the following details about well-known makeup accessories and tools. You will get an overview about your wedding makeup successfully.

Makeup Accessories & Tools

There are so many makeup tools and accessories in our time. Catchy advertisements about the most successful brands of these products may confuse you. If you are willing to buy the best makeup accessories online, focus on the following makeup accessories and tools. These accessories are mandatory to do wedding makeup on your own.

Makeup brushes

Makeup brushesMore than a few designs of makeup brushes are available in our time.  Reasonable prices of these premium makeup brushes make users satisfied these days. You have to focus on the following makeup brushes in detail.

  • Foundation brushes
  • Concealer brushes
  • Powder brushes
  • Angled blush brushes
  • All over eye shadow brushes
  • Blended brushes
  • Lip brushe

You have to use the best suitable foundation brush and apply the base correctly.  A concealer is a small brush with a flat head of artificial hairs. This brush is vital to apply creamy products on concentrated areas of your face.  A lip brush supports you to apply lipstick correctly and easily.  You will get the most outstanding result when you use a pointy headed lip brush instead of an ordinary lip brush.

Makeup mirror

Makeup mirror

Many women have failed to use the best makeup mirror when they do a special makeup on their own. As a result, they are unable to get most expected result.  If you have an idea to use the most suitable makeup mirror, then you can prefer the lighted makeup mirror.  The main advantage of this makeup mirror is crystal clear visualization.  You can keep focusing on every aspect of your makeup in detail by using this special mirror. A table top make up mirror is very helpful when you wish to do your wedding makeup without delay or difficulty.


Do not prefer heavy foundation makeup because you may suffer from some skin problems. You have to identify the most suitable foundation at first. You can seek advice from beauticians in your favourite salon and try the foundation on your own at least a few times before your wedding makeup foundation.
Even though you know the right foundation, you have to apply the foundation in a proper way. Do not make any compromise on the color and quality of the foundation. If you have a yellow based skin, then you can try yellow base to get the best result.


Start your foundation with a moisturized and clean face. Focus on eyes when you apply the foundation. This is because you have to take care of this thin skin without compromising your desires about the makeup.
Face Primer

Youngsters do not aware about the significance of the face primer these days.  As the most significant base, a primer plays the major role behind the best result from your makeup efforts.  The main purpose of applying a primer in a proper way is to keep away from sweating, creasing and caking.  Make an informed decision about how to choose and apply the right primer.

In general, a face primer is a silicone based liquid. If you apply the primer before your foundation, then you can make the smooth surface out of usual skin. Do not use the primer for your routine makeup. You can use it on special occasions like your wedding.



You may get confused with different colors and shades of lipsticks available on hand. Keep in mind that your lipstick has to last throughout the wedding occasion. This is advisable to have soft and smooth lips by exfoliating and moisturizing. Once you have applied the lip palm, you can apply the best suitable lipstick.  
Brides who have a high quality lipstick can get benefits from the most attractive lips.  This is because an outstanding shade of lipstick.   This is worthwhile to put on different trial make-ups on your own and identify the best suitable lipstick shade.



Spend at least a few minutes to learn how you have to apply mascara.  You may have applied mascara before now. However, be conscious about how to do it on your wedding day.  The most beautiful eyelashes do not fail to impress everyone in your wedding event. Experts in mascara application recommend applying mascara on the bottom eyelashes properly. This is because this simple yet effective approach frames eyes and makes a woman’s look as attractive as possible.     


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It’s no question that the bride is the center of every wedding. As the trending go, the natural youthful invisible style, the smokey eyes, or the lustful sexy red lips are the top 3 favorite bridal makeup styles for 2016.

The natural invisible makeup

This natural makeup style, almost feel invisible, began from South Korea. This makeup style, while being light, designed to bring out the purity, youthfulness and flawless of the bride. While it may look easy, but this style require lot of attention and detail from professionals to enhance the bride natural beauty while hiding imperfection. This style also doesn’t make your face feel cakey, or over powder, cause usually the process started with a very light layer of moisturizer and foundation, then follow with bright makeup powder.

Natural makeup


Area defining is also an important step in this style to get the more natural look without imperfection. However, this style will go on very light with eyeliner, mascara and lip/cheek colors.

The Attractive Smokey eyes

The smokey eyes create a deep look for any man. In this style, the eyes will be the most important area for the artist. The eyeshadow are usually choosen from various shade of colors like black, gray, dark brown…with some shimmer for deeper look.

To make the eyes look larger and longer, eyelining, faux lash, and mascara are the musts. Accompany with these smokey eyes, most stylist will use nude or light color for other areas like lips, cheek…

The classic red lips

If pink bring out the beauty and cuteness in the bride for a youthful look, then red will definitely be the attractive and sexy messenger. With red lips, your look will be so much impressive, power and classic, and just asking for attention. This lips color combined pretty well with nude/lighter eyes makeup. Be careful if you’re combining this with the smokey eyes, as this maybe too over power and make you look older.


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It’s every girl dream to be the most beautiful bride on her most special day. In reality, it’s really time consuming, tired and even stressful to prepare for that one day. Nonetheless, we often tend to forget taking care of the most important thing until shortly before the event date, the bride herself. You can’t just instantly become the bright and radiant out of nowhere, it takes time in advance and some dedication too.

A bride with white dress

If your event is just days away, it’s best to consult with a spa/salon/beauty specialist for treatments. Otherwise, if you have time to spare, then a throughout plan would work. In short, everything from head to toes have to be taken care of, with more attention to your hair, skin, teeth and nails, as those will directly affect how you look on your wedding day.

 1. Face (skin)

This is your most important area and definitely need your utmost attention. You wouldn’t want to have acne, or eyebags on that day, right? If you want a truly beautiful, bright, glow and flawless skin, be sure to assign these steps in yours schedule.

Exfoliate and mask:

First, You have to remove death skins at least once a week. You could do this some skin exfoliating cream, gel, etc… or those face scrubbing. Follow that with some natural masks, depend on your skin types, like cucumber, carrot, potatoes, milk, yogurt, honey/bee wax, tomatoes. These work great in replenishing your skins, brightening them, moisturize, etc at a very reasonable costs. 


Don’t forget to put on sunscreen or sun blocking cream. They will prevent your skin from those damaging sun rays while also preventing sunburn. 

Spa treatment:

You could get a facial once a week at your trusted spa to help tighten up your skin and make them look youthful. 

Avoid hot and spicy food:

Try your best from eating hot a spicy food. They taste good, but would  also increase the chance of acnes and dark spots on your skin; which would need longer time to take care of. 

2. Body

Most of the modern wedding dress will show off some of your body areas, therefore, in addition to your face, a throughout body care is also vital not only for your look, but your health and how you will feel.   

Body massage and spa treatment

The simplest way, if you have the budget, is to go for spa treatment every week. This will make your body look better while replenish your energy and releasing stress with those relaxing moment.

Add to your bath... 

Enjoy your bath with some additive like milk, green tea powder, rose petal, etc… will definitely enhance your skin. This is a great relaxing too. 

Bruise or skin discolor areas

Armpit, knee, or elbow will likely be seen in your wedding dress. If you have some bruise, scar, or discolor problem at these areas, it’s better to ask a spa specialist for treatment to remove or minimize the issues quickly. 

It’s also important to avoid direct sun light, drink more water, and have a balance diet to keep your skin healthy. 

3. Hair

Bride Hair

Condition and hair mask:

Your hair will look and feel better if you keep a good routine for it. Try to use conditioner with every shampoo and do a hair mask twice a week. Eggs, mayonnaise, honey, etc… are great natural masks for hairs and easy to find too.

Deep condition at a salon:

Before the event, you could have a shampoo and deep conditioning at your local salon. Let the pro do it so your hair could look at it best while you’re feeling great too. 

DON’T go for the big change

Do not cut, color, or permanent press/straightening your hair right before the event. Accident do happen and no one could guarantee the result will be good. If you want to change your hair style, try at least 2 month in advance, so that if something does happen, your hair have enough time to recover. 

4. Nails

French nails

Regular routine:

Develop a regular routine and a lot a specific time to take care of your nails naturally. You could put lemon drops or mix in small amount of vinegar into warm water. Soak your nails in for a few minute as this will help strengthening them. Follow by applying some coconut oil onto your cuticles, fingers and heels to soften them up, avoid crack and dry skin. 

Set an appointment with the spa:

You should set an appointment with a nail salon 1-2 day before the event. Too early, your nail color won’t lasted, too late, you might run into a rush. Tell the technician about your special day, how you want your nails to look like, do bring a picture/smartphone to show him/her. Ask for their advice on how to make your nail last through the wedding or even honeymoon then do accordingly to your budget

5. Teeth

Teeth cleaning and whitening:

This is how your smile will look. Put this into your schedule, and talk to your dentist about this perfect smile.

Avoid staining food: 

After your cleaning/whitening procedure until your event date, try to avoid easy stained substances like tea, coffee, cigarette, etc… to protect your teeth from changing color. 


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